Saturday, April 23, 2011

Trooper, another New Friend!

We decided to take a break from the hospital routine,
since the sun was shining.

So we trekked over to Point Pleasant Park to walk and seek out new friends.

We discovered Trooper on the path that had mayflowers the other day.

Trooper is a Greyhound/?mix. 
We were told he was afraid of men,
since he was a rescue dog mistreated by gruff men.
Ron is so good with canines and Trooper started coming around.

So, I figured it was OK to share Ron again.
A lot of that seems to go on at the Park!

After a vigorous and playful run through the thickets,
 teasing Trooper with Mr. Orangie,
I sat down for a breather before  heading off to find a good swamp pool
to cool off in....
smiles all around
from me at least!