Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Coffee with a 'doodle!

Since coffee is a staple of my Dads' day...

I thought it would be great to show you where they have coffee sometimes.

Marshall spurred us on to divulge some information about our little world, 

so take a look at the link above.

AND welcome to those who have jumped on board!

Coffee, a 'doodle and surf's up...

What more could you ask for!
Now could they have their Americanos


  1. Wow! Gorgeous. I couldn't take the cold and neither could my (very spoiled, sun-loving) beagle, but that looks spectacular.

  2. Hey, you guys are famous now! Way to go!

  3. Coffee, on the beach, first thing in the morning is the best way to start a day. Add a doodle (and Stumpy, of course) and we're in the presence of perfection!

    ^5 Sophie!

  4. I'll go check it out, now! m.

  5. That looks like a beautiful place to have a coffee!

  6. Nice interview! Sophie, just say no to seaweed!

  7. I've learned a lot about you today, Sophie. H-e-r-e kittykittykittykitty. Lol,

  8. Everyone loves Sofie!
    But coffee is made for drinking hot. By the time you get it to the beach and walk for 2 minutes you have to go back for a warm-up.

  9. Hey, we enjoyed reading that interview-congrats! Nothing beats a great cup of coffee in the morning with your dog-add a beach: priceless!

  10. Hi Y'all,

    Love the ocean, especially the sound of the surf! Loved learnin' more about y'all!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  11. Sophie you are such a lucky pup. It's great to see your bond with dad.

  12. Fantastic place for a coffee....and very good for you, too, Soph.

    We read all about you yesterday....in case you didn't see our comment.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  13. Now I would like a nice cup of coffee, but its kinda late
    Beautious photos

  14. we need our coffee first thing in the morning too... it would be better with a beach to walk on while sipping it, and a beautiful girl like you, sophie. maybe someday...

  15. I would definitely enjoy my coffee more if I have a similar place to have it in. So jealous of your dad, Sophie! And can I tell you that I love that action shot of you going after Mr. Orangie? You just have so much fun at the beach. =)

  16. nice way to start a day...

  17. A stupendous place for coffee. May I join you some morning?

    Soon, I'll be able to have coffee on my deck with the mountain animals all around me. But, not yet, it was 23°F at breakfast time this morning!

    As always, your photos are breathtaking. What waves and what a Doodle!


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