Sunday, April 17, 2011

Splish Splash!

With the temperature being 17 degrees Celsius (62 degrees F), we decided to sit out in the backyard and soak up the warmth and ambiance. Our yard is sheltered from the north wind side and we get the southern sun shining for quite a few hours.

Spring is struggling this year, even though the crocus and snowdrops have emerged. I find the cooler temps keep the bulbs blooming longer which is just fine for a lengthier period of colour in the garden.

Sophie was given a new ball from our DIVA friends at Xmas time.

It's a tough little bugger,
unlike Mr. Orangie
which she can puncture so quickly
and go OCD on,
  until it's removed from her posssession.

Since water courses through her veins,
(being a Lab and a Poodle)
anyone can just mention or intimate H2O and she's there.

See what I mean, her "Spidey H2O" senses are tingling!

Oh this is too good to be true!
Just look at that ball
into the barrel 
of water.
What next?

Well, that's pretty obvious isn't it?!