Thursday, April 21, 2011

So Many Thank Yous!

Just wanted to express my gratitude 
to all of my followers
who sent those healing vibes~~~
to Pops.

I saw on the ground this morning these daffodils pushing through last year's Linden Tree leaves.
 They symbolize the amount of support that Pop's family
have shown for his care and recovery.

I spent some time in the garden after the rains of last night.
The daffodils were so perky and erect 
so I scooted Ron over to them while I managed to munch on some green grass.

The individual stems are strong and vibrant
and the droplets of fresh morning rain cleanse the soul.

These daffodils give me such great hope 
that Pops will feel better over the next few days.

I'm very attuned to you humans, you know.
and nothing gets by me.

So, with this being a religious season,
I hope you are able to include
my Pops in your prayers.
I know how devoutly religious he is
and he would so appreciate your thoughts!