Thursday, April 21, 2011

So Many Thank Yous!

Just wanted to express my gratitude 
to all of my followers
who sent those healing vibes~~~
to Pops.

I saw on the ground this morning these daffodils pushing through last year's Linden Tree leaves.
 They symbolize the amount of support that Pop's family
have shown for his care and recovery.

I spent some time in the garden after the rains of last night.
The daffodils were so perky and erect 
so I scooted Ron over to them while I managed to munch on some green grass.

The individual stems are strong and vibrant
and the droplets of fresh morning rain cleanse the soul.

These daffodils give me such great hope 
that Pops will feel better over the next few days.

I'm very attuned to you humans, you know.
and nothing gets by me.

So, with this being a religious season,
I hope you are able to include
my Pops in your prayers.
I know how devoutly religious he is
and he would so appreciate your thoughts!


  1. Thanks Sophie for being here! And Pops I'm sure is looking forward to your 'licks' again.....

  2. OH Sophie, I am just getting caught up and I is sorry your Pops ain't feeling wells! I am sending him my thoughts and prayers and furs a fast recovery.
    And those are incredibly gorgeous fotos...WOW!!!!


  3. Prayers? No problem. Consider it done! m.

  4. We will definitely keep your pops in our thoughts. I also think that you are one very photogenic pup! This was a very beautiful post in many ways. Take care.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear that your Pops is not feeling well Sophie. I do hope he gets well very very soon. Sending him lots of healing vibes and prayers. Beautiful photos!
    Princess Kisses

  6. Hugs and healing wishes from Alberta! I hope Pops is better soon.

  7. Sophie, send that first picture to Pops! that'll make him feel better, for sure!

  8. I've been thinking of your Pops, Sophie and keeping him in my heart...

    Those rain-kissed leaves are just gorgeous!

  9. Oh Sophie, you're making me cry! I love the pictures and I love your precious thoughtful eyes! I am so glad your Pups is doing better. When the peeps we love hurt, we hurt too! Enjoy your day, Sophie... and the first chance you get give Pups licks for Gracie and me.

  10. don't worry even one hair on your perty lil head sophie, pups is in my prayers... and i must say in some of these pictures, your face and eyes look so human! i see your beautiful soul, only doggies can have... keep us posted..

  11. Dear Sophie,
    I hope you are able to lick Pops soon. You would lift anyone's spirits.

    And Ron, you are some photographer! Fabulous shots.

  12. Consider Pups included EVERY day!!

  13. The images in this post are fantastic! The last two shots are a-ma-zing! Love your eyes, Sophie. Ron, you are rockin' that camera!

    And I'm sure Pops is feeling all the good vibes we're sending him. Tell him he's getting hugs from all over the world. You think that'll make him feel better? I think so. =)

  14. Our feets are still crossed for your Paw
    Benny & Lily

  15. Gorgeous photos!!! We will remember your "Pops" this week and Sophie, your expressive eyes seem so human...Have a beautiful weekend and Easter holiday!!!

  16. Your Pops remains in our thoughts and prayers, Sophie. We hope he feels better soon.

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  17. Fingers crossed that pops feels better soon. What are you thinking in pic 8? I can only speak of what I know my Lab is really in tune with the emotions and feelings of us humans, gotta watch out what I say and how I say it, he's a very sensitive guy you know...

  18. We're sending more vibes to get MORE happy daffodils coming your way. AND we'll remember prayers, too.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  19. Some of Murray's very special prayers winging their way over to your Pops right now!

    Nobody knows how to light a candle and say a special prayer like the not-so-little man so don't worry he'll have lots of opportunity over the next few days to light some candles and say some extra special prayers.

    We really hope they help .....

    - Clive & Co

  20. What beautiful photos! Our prayers are definitely being sent for Pops!


  21. Absolutely prayers and give Pops a big lick for luck!

  22. Hey Sophie!
    Wow, I'm sending a big batch of my bestest healing thoughts to Pops. Very sweet pix.
    Grr and a Concerned Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  23. Dear Sophie, I am catching up on your blog and am so sorry that I've missed you this week. Please know that we are keeping your Pops and your entire family in my prayers and as you are reading this, I'm sending positive and healing vibes!!

  24. Beautiful droplets on the daffodils. And Pops will be in my prayers tonight and everyday.

  25. sending Texas sized prayers and hugs....

  26. Dear Sophie
    As I came to visit you today,,,, well you did not know it,, in fact no one did,, but I sent myself to "the pops" in a bubble , and I kissed his head.
    Then he held my paw,,, and I told him he is in my thoughts.
    Thank you for the beauty in your post,, as it gives my heart a chance to rest,, and look at the simple things in life, that are tender.,,,
    You are tender too.
    I love you

  27. Hey Sophie, we'll keep Pops in our thoughts.

  28. I'm sending good vibes and prayers Pops way.

  29. Gorgeous photos. Sending healing thoughts your way!

  30. Yay my computer finally loaded your blog. I was truly having Sophie withdrawals!
    Consider it done that prayers and positive energy sent to Pops.
    Looking forward to updates!
    Hugs xoxo
    ps-- The weather here has been a bit wacky so maybe I was having the trouble as Inger.

  31. Sophie- your special Grandfather is in my prayers every day. Don't you worry too much- God can take care of this. I hope you have a nice Easter with your Daddies- hugs to you pretty girl.


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