Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Movie Crew Arrives!

I was vigilant Sunday morning when the movie crew arrived from out of nowhere!

A huge trailer and I mean huge. The picture only shows 1/3 of it.

Again, huge lights with diffusers outside of the window(below).

Lights on the roof shining through the skylights.

 This is the company that does a lot of these movies in Nova Scotia. Jim was speaking to the location Director and he said that the company was going to be kept busy with a string of Stephen King movies, that means money being pumped into the economy. Now, that's a good thing!

All in all they were a very reasonable bunch of peeps.
They were very organized, quiet and focussed.
When I find out the name of the movie,
I'll spread the word.

Now back to my everyday life.
Anyone seen Mr. Orangie?