Monday, April 18, 2011

Martinique Beach Pt 3

Since so may of my loyal followers expressed
such amazement with the surf and beach pictures last week...

I thought I`d nag Ron to show you just a few more from another angle.
Needless to say, my boundless energy was heightened with the pounding surf
so I took full advantage of the deserted expanse.

This is a small cove nestled at the beginning of Martinique beach,

which has a handful of cottages/winter homes nearby.

From their perspective, the waves put on a pretty good show,

and today, we were beyond ourselves watching the continuous onslaught of wave action.

Some of the structures are the simple Cape Cod style,

while another is more modern, situated in a very precarious position.
You can see the stone wall being erected and the back hoe sitting to the left.

I think I would prefer living back from the shore,
since Mother Nature has been mighty active/destructive this passed decade.

While you enjoy these typical Nova Scotian beach shots,
I`ll take a shot at Mr. Orangie.