Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Get Well Vibes~~~!

Ron is so good in a pinch...

since Jim's father, Pops,
 (pronounced Pups,with a canine reference) 
is not doing so well....

I was taken for a quick jaunt on MacDonald Hill.

I needed my exercise,
so Ron kept throwing the ball 
up the hill
down the hill.

This is the easy person's way out of walking a dog, I think.
But hey, if I get to chase Mr. Orangie, 
then it's all good!

Mr. Orangie thinks I don't know much.

If I do a "roll over" manouever
then he won't know
that I know....

that by resting for a moment...

I can take in this view and feel peace.

This is all I want for Pups
because he is so good to me.
Do you think he can feel
the get well ~~~vibes~~~
I'm sending him?


  1. Rest assured Sophie, he can!

  2. Joining you in sending out the Good Vibes.
    Your Friend, m.

  3. Sending get well soon vibes from Skoog Farm! Please add them to Sophie's.

    Excellent photos Ron.

  4. Yes - he can! Such a lovely post... I'm sending you ALL loving and healing thoughts.

  5. I'm praying for Pups... It sounds like he's doing much better... :) Sophie, what's up with that left ear? LOL. You're such a sweet dog.

  6. The wind, the sea and Mr. Orangie -- life is good. Keep sending those vibes, Sophie!

  7. We will keep our paws crossed for pup
    Benny & Lily

  8. Dear Sophie, we are all sending him get well vibes too!

    Gentle hugs,

  9. I know he feels them, and we're sending some too!

  10. I'm sending prayers and good thoughts too. I've gotten quite fond of Jim's dad and I hope he will feel better soon.

    My problems with getting kicked off your blog probably had to do with the huge windstorm we had here. It happened other places too, but mostly when I tried to read and comment here.--Inger

  11. All good vibes being sent over from this neck of the woods too ! x

  12. He can feel it, Sophie. I'm sure he is. I will try to send him some good vibes from here, too.

    And may I just say that I had to pause and stare at that first photo. It is utterly stunning! Ron really nailed that shot of you, Sophie. Tell him he needs to get a large print of that picture. A-ma-zing!

  13. For certain he CAN Sophie! We're sending our best wishes for Pups to find peace. Oscar and Ros

  14. Yes, Sophie~

    he can feel yous get well vibes and we join you in sending more his way~

    beauTeefuls posty,

    Anakin Man

  15. Yes, yes he can. Definitely. Pleased send my love too.


  16. Sending get well vibes to "Pups" all the way from Tennessee where the temp is 89 f right now...tornado season here...That last photo of Sophie is gorgeous!!!

  17. We're positive he can feel those vibes. We're sending some too.

    Beautiful place to chase a ball and just think.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  18. I'm sure he can, Sophie. We're sending out the good vibes as we speak:-)

  19. We're sending Pops lots of AireZen. We hope he feels better soon, Sophie!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  20. I'm so sorry Jim's father is feeling poorly. I'm sure your good vibes help. I'm sending mine too.

  21. Pugsley and I are sending over some puppy love too!

  22. Prayers for Pops!! Hope he gets better soon!


  23. I'm sure he can feel your healing vibes, Sophie! We'll be sending some too, along with some good mojo and Stumpy's got her paws crossed that he's feeling good stronger even as I type! keep us posted!

  24. awwww i pray your pups gets well soon sophie... that makes me sad... but i know he KNOWS you love him. give him a gentle snoozle for me, k? godspeed pups. xo

  25. Of course he can feel your get well vibes!

    We're sending lots of our own too!!

    Paws crossed
    Clive & Murray

  26. oh he definately does...beautiful view....

  27. We hope Pups gets to feeling much better soon!

    Riley has those same orange balls and LOVES them! They're her favorite toy.

    Elyse and Riley

  28. Oh Sophie- I am so sorry that your Grand-daddy is not well. I am sure that he knows you love him. I'm sending you a great big hug.
    Ps- you look beautiful in these pictures!


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