Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Favourite Perch!

Every morning I run out into the backyard 
after having my meal
and head directly for one particular spot
on the east side of the property
which I find very tranquil.

Yes, my old reliable stick lays on the ground
waiting for me to scoop it up and give it a chew.

Once I finish the chewing I begin to survey adjoining properties with the off chance that a neighbour
maybe awake and has ventured out onto their deck or lawn.

Since I am pretty much surrounded with doggy neighbours
I know I'll have a chance to greet them with a friendly woof woof!

The most important part is to sit very still and just listen!

The birches always seem to gleam in the early morning sun.

It seems that this morning I may have gotten out a little too early
because I've been waiting for quite some time.

Oh well, at least, I can tell the guys 
I saw three croci poking their heads
 through the forest floor.
I know this will make them very happy!