Wednesday, September 1, 2010

'Big Pink' Attack

I think she's asleep. She'll never know as along as we are quiet and oh so, careful.

Dang it, she's moving be careful Pink Piggy. I'll hang on for dear life, if I have to.

Oh no I'm slipping. Thanks Pink Piggy for distracting her. Oh my head!

She's got you in a head lock. OK Sophie take this and that....come on you big hairy thing you.

She gave up Pink Piggy, she can't move....
the 'Big Pink' attack works again!!!!!


  1. Pinks! The most ferocious creatures known to dogs! No wonder Sophie gave up. Sophie, Sophie! Are you all right?

  2. Awe, Sophie looks tuckered out.

  3. Sophie, you can't let pink win! No, NO! Eat those pink things!

  4. Sometimes you're just too tired to care. Sleep well!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. Sophie, you are so darn cute, I might just come up there and steal you! OK, borrow you for a minute? OK, hug you and kiss you, while there? Oh, you let me take you for a walk and give you cookies? OK, I guess I have to settle for that.__Inger

  6. Sophie, are you lying there contemplating pinkacide?

  7. I think Sophie is the cutest girl I've ever seen.

  8. aww, miss sophie, you are too super pooped to care that those pink stuffies are mobbing you! sweet dreams!
    the booker man


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