Sunday, September 19, 2010


I was told that standing still was a kin to disappearing into the woods.
I figure this was a good time to try it out on the guys.

They keep walking along the path. I know they don't see me in here.
The blond hair on my legs has grown back finally.
I believe it blends perfectly into the surroundings.
They are so easy to fool.
Nothing yet...

I tried it on them the other day. You can see on the left how erect I am on all fours. In the right picture, I moved my back leg, stuck out my tongue and for some reason they saw me. ;-) 
I'm going to try this again sometime. I love teasing the guys!


  1. Gee Sophie I stop by to say hi and I can't find you anywhere!

    Blend baby blend! ;)

    I bet you'd like some of Bev Doolittle's paintings :)

  2. You are a wonderful camouflage dog, Sophie. Except that you are so pretty that people are always going to have their eyes on you, and never let you disappear into the background.

  3. Sofie, I'd definitely say you've got them fooled! You might be too smart for the guys!


  4. Sophie, you are so mature. Tootie doesn't want to hide, she wants to be in your face, every minute, all the time. But, she is still such a baby and I know as she grows up she will want to play your games, too. You're such a cutie!


  5. Those last two pics could be one of those test to see if you can tell what's changed in the pictures. At first glance they appear the same.

    Got to be stiller than that to hide though.

  6. Sophie, I could absolutely not see you in the first are so clever!!

  7. Keep up the trickery, Sophie, keep those Dads wondering.... what next?

  8. Well, you very nearly blend in!

    Make sure you check out my beauty routine in our post today!! I was told every doodle gets this treatment but I think they were lying to me!

    take care

  9. You guys/gals are making me laugh my blond shaggy legs off. So good to hear from all of you and making me laugh and lick!

  10. Sophie, you are totally a stealthdoodle. No one could find you what with all that blending into your surroundings. The guys don't stand a chance.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  11. You are doing a great hiding job there Sophie - I'm impressed at how you can stand so still !

  12. Where are you, Sophie???

    I can't see you!


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