Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sandra...My Coiffeur

This is where I got my hair done.
Thought you might like to meet Sandra.
She is the creator of my 'look'.

Sandra owns 'Scruff to Fluff' and is a certified groomer. 
We discovered her through our friends, Mary and Cathy at Country Critter Sitters. She has groomed the gals' dogs and they highly recommended her. 
Since this is our 3rd visit, I would say we are very pleased with her creations. 
Sandra is a very happy person and her love of dogs is so obvious.

So the guys left me with Sandra and I sniffed the place out. 
Lots of puppies have been here. 
As you know, all puppies have there own scent.

The guys are back. 
You can see my hair all over the floor. 
So happy to see them arrive. 
2 1/2 hrs and it's the new me.
I see you guys/gals out there.
Here I come!

Jim puts me on a leash because there is a pond just outside the door(a very stinky pond). 
I jumped into it in April, the last time I was here. They weren't too happy with me. 

Hi Ho...I'm ready to go!
Actually, I'm happy with the cut.
So let's get in the car and get back home.