Friday, September 24, 2010


OK what is this entering into my photo?
Is it an appartion, 
a supernatural appearance,
a phantom,
a ghost,
a spectre,
a presence,
a doppleganger
just what is it!?

I was just sitting on the grass minding my own business when from out of nowhere appeared this......!

English Mastiff by the name of Chuma.

He's a big sucker, 160lbs and as gentle as a lamb!

The quick burst of energy quickly dissipated and the ball became our focus.

We sauntered off to explore some more of the areas of the park that were dog friendly.

I really liked Chuma. 
Hope I run into him again!


  1. Chuma looks like he's a fun dog. But then, so are you!!

  2. Oh Sophie you do meet some of the nicest friends. I love Mastiffs. Such gentle dogs.
    But of course you outshine any of your friends! xoxo

  3. Looks like you guys had lots of fun!!!


  4. By Jove, Holmes, it's the Hound! The Hound of the Baskervilles! Elementary, my dear Watson. Just throw him the ball and back away slowly.

  5. Chuma! Wow what an encounter! So glad he didn't eat you!

    Thinkin play with ball much better :)

  6. Looks like you had a great time with your new friend Sophie....I used to have a Great Dane live next door to me....his name was Zorro and he used to scare the hell out of me by coming into the house any time he wanted...or if I closed the doors....he'd look through the window and leave big slobbery marks on it....he was big too, and a little dense....but you are bright and beautiful, sweet girl!!! Be careful in the water....listen to your daddies!

  7. That's a whole lotta furiend you got there Sophie!
    Happy Weekend to you and Daddies,

  8. looks like a fun time...Nolan would love that ball...thanks for stopping by to visit.

  9. Looks like it might be one of Mango's relatives. I'm glad you had fun together.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  10. Perhaps you've found a haunted park!

    It looks like you and Chuma had a ton of fun!


  11. That's one huge dog!
    So glad you're all better.

  12. I know this will sound crazy, but I have to admit to being afraid of big dogs like this, so if you say that Chuma is a gentle pup, then I'll believe you--Any friend of yours is a friend of mine too! :-)))

  13. wow, you had a lot of fun. what a nice friend you met.


  14. What a gentle giant!!! So glad that Chuma is a lovely dog and two of you had some fun!

  15. Hi Sophie!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and following.Guess what? Bella's best friend is a labradoodle called Murray.Chuma looks like a gentle giant.Glad you have a new friend to play with.
    see you again...:o)

  16. You look a bit startled Sophie but I'm sure hw was a gentle giant


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