Thursday, September 23, 2010

1st Day of Fall!

This pm we went for a walk on Stony Beach.
Ron got my attention right away with my ball!

Alright you've got it, Ron. Now, if I stand still will you throw the ball?

Yes, it worked. The river is flowing into the ocean so I have to be careful. I'll make this fast 'cause the current is strong!

As you can see, the tide is out. 
This being the autumnal equinox, the tides are extreme and in this case, the tide is very far out.

Is that YOU looking at me?!
You may not know this but I can see you.

HI there!
I say
....anytime you feel like coming to see me....
my paws are open wide!


  1. It doesn't feel like autumn--tomorrow's high temperature...95 degrees F. Time for another swim Sofie!

  2. Well, don't you have some pretty hair when it grows out! Got to put on that winter coat now.

    As for me, I've got a date with some clippers...I'm getting shaggy.

  3. MDScaper...95 degrees...oh my! Mus feel good.

    Stew..yeah my hair's grown out also. I had my last cut in April so on Monday I go for another.

  4. Sophie, you are absolutely beautiful! I just love the final picture!!!


  5. It's beautiful where you live! I'd love to come see you!


  6. Sophie, you are just adorable! I'd throw that ball for you 'till the cows come home.

  7. What a lovely day you all had!
    Very hot here....wishing for cooler temps.
    I love the last photo.
    Hugs and belly rubs to Sweet Sophie,

  8. Summer is still lingering around!!!


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