Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dog Walker's Haven

Point Pleasant Park, on the tip of the peninsula of Halifax, is a dog haven for dog owners. The park perimeter is available for free running until 10am. The ocean is usually crashing along the shoreline, so the doggies can run in to cool off, if they so wish. After 10am., the doggies must move inside the park and are permitted free range off-leash. We usually arrive after 10am and proceed up the hill and into the park.

There are plenty of roads and trails to take us through the park. Since 2003's devastating Hurricane Juan experience, many trees were leveled and ocean views from inside the park became the norm. The trees are now growing quickly and these views are disappearing. This is OK with me because I'm scouting out new pee marks anyway.

With all this being said and being totally 'fixed' on my orange ball, we proceeded into the park.

Around the above corner we ran into this fellow with all his friends. He can handle 'us' doggies so well. Is he a dog whisperer? I think so...

The entire pack was sauntering along so calmly and my nuzzle with my new Dog Whisperer friend felt so good.

I'm totally in amongst my long haired friends....loving it to pieces. Sniffing front and back...what else!

This picture is fun because we both have our very own orange ball.

The orange balls are what help make us tick and be, oh so alert.

As quick as they entered my life, they turned and quietly meandered off down the road. I sure hope I run into my new Dog Whisperer friend and family again. I really enjoyed this meeting.