Saturday, September 25, 2010

Italian Greyhound sighting!

OK now, here we are ambling slowly up the hill from the parking lot checking out  the trees and shrubs noticing the obvious change of colour that's developing. I am sniffing the ground with the power and direction of a vacuum cleaner. I know there was something special just here not more than 5 minutes ago. My speed increases as I near the corner near the top of the trail. I know I'll find out what's going on with this smell.

HELLO!......What is this? I can't believe my eyes and nose. This picture just doesn't register....What am I looking at?

It's a WHAT? 
Say that again!
An Italian Greyhound...
An Italian Greyhound
What a sweetheart.
Such a delicate little fellow with the name of Hamish.

Uhm, Jim can I play with Hamish? I'll even share the ball....please, please, please!

Listen, Hamish next time you are here, look me up and I know we'll be able to play. We really must get going. Next time....!