Saturday, September 25, 2010

Italian Greyhound sighting!

OK now, here we are ambling slowly up the hill from the parking lot checking out  the trees and shrubs noticing the obvious change of colour that's developing. I am sniffing the ground with the power and direction of a vacuum cleaner. I know there was something special just here not more than 5 minutes ago. My speed increases as I near the corner near the top of the trail. I know I'll find out what's going on with this smell.

HELLO!......What is this? I can't believe my eyes and nose. This picture just doesn't register....What am I looking at?

It's a WHAT? 
Say that again!
An Italian Greyhound...
An Italian Greyhound
What a sweetheart.
Such a delicate little fellow with the name of Hamish.

Uhm, Jim can I play with Hamish? I'll even share the ball....please, please, please!

Listen, Hamish next time you are here, look me up and I know we'll be able to play. We really must get going. Next time....!


  1. Aww! What a cutie! That's why we Greyhounds can't get wet. They put us in the dryer and then we shrink like poor Hamish! I bet he used to be full sized, the poor fellow!


  2. How great to meet a new friend! Did he bark with an Italian accent?

  3. Melodie...come to think...he said Ciao as he sped off down the hill!

    houndtooth...I hear ya...gentle cycle for sure!

  4. My computer is acting glitchy, so you may get this twice.

    You would have to play very gently with Hamish, Sophie. You look like a very big dog next to him.

  5. Well, I've been to Italy and never seen an Italian dog like that. On the other hand, I've never been to Nova Scotia and didn't know there were Italian dogs there either, LOL. Oh, Hamish....cute dog and cute name!


  6. Blog Mom saw greyhounds race once. Or rather, she was there at the races. They went too fast to really see anything much. We can't imagine who could see these little fellas at all in a race.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  7. I hope you can play with him next time; he looked nice for a shrunken greyhound!!

  8. Hi Sophie
    Gee,, did you and Hamish get to race? Who ran the fastest? Its always nice to make new friends,,, and your so lucky,,,
    Everywhere you go,, you make new frineds

  9. What a little cutie greyhound.Hamish, you're graceful and delicate!

  10. Looks like you could bite Hamishs' head small!

  11. oh next time will be so much fun.....

  12. Hi Sophie, you are very beautiful! I see you love car-driving, me too! Nice that you met a new friend on your walk! See you soon!
    Hugs from Nero

  13. It just doesn't seem right to give a Scottish name to an Italian greyhound.


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