Monday, September 13, 2010

Hurricane Earl's Power and Allure

Hurricane Earl appears tame as we stopped to look at this beach a week or so ago. This Labrador Retriever(LR)was sitting patiently for his stick to be thrown.

With a heave ho, the stick was launched into the air and into the fury of the ocean. Without any hesitation, the LR leaped, turned and dove into the waters.

Everyone with salt water in their veins knows that during a hurricane the 'rip tides' (as they are referred to know-a-days) can suck you under in a flash......

....which is exactly what happened here with LR. You can see the head of LR and that's all we saw for what seemed ages. The strength of the surge was dragging LR into a stony furrow and holding LR in place. At the same time the water was draining back into the ocean and choking poor LR. What can I say...but ....plain...dumb human...once again!

Continuing on with this questionable fun seemed so odd to me. We dogs know how to have fun but when Mother Nature intervenes then we are at her mercy. We need our humans to use commonsense and protect us from danger.

I watched and wondered what could have happened. We drove off mystified.