Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Escape the HEAT!

30 degrees + Celsius is just too HOT for me and my guys. So, we jumped into the car and sped off to Hall's Harbour on the Bay of Funday. The highest tides in the world are said to exist here.  As we arrived, the tide was coming in and ...yep...the tides were coming in quickly and with that speed you have to be careful with how far you walk or you could be swimming back to the parking lot.

Coming down the hill into the small village this is what you see....

It's always refreshing to get to this point in the sojourn because the temperature drops almost 10 degrees C. The relief is immediate!

The small fishing harbour has many boats and a few small quaint restaurants. Lobster is a specialty of course, mmm.

From this view you can see the far cliffs stretching along the coastline. This is where true relief exists. The walk can be long or short depending on Mother Nature. She, at a whim can decide the length of your stay. Today we knew the walk would be short. No matter, the cool fresh air was all we wanted.

Sophie and Jim are eyeing  the water. This place has to be christened and once my ball is thrown I will happy.

So we walked and I swam.

I can honestly say that this place is a 'COOL' place...literally!

As I predicted Mother Nature crept in quickly with the waters sneaking up along the shore. So peaceful and calm today. I just wonder what the place in going to look like on the weekend with Hurricane Earl supposedly venturing into our waters? Time will tell!


  1. Don't you go swimming if Earl pays a call, Miss Sophie! That water does look inviting, though. I wish we could swim, or even wade at my spot by the lake. I went there yesterday, and found that, like you and your Daddies, the temperature dropped wonderfully. I wanted to stick my toes into the water so badly, but there isn't any playing in the water allowed there.

    Say, have your Daddies been kayaking lately?

  2. It's a beautiful place! Kind of like walking around in an air conditioner! I wish we had a place to go, like that. The cliffs are fascinating! Earl is supposed to hit up there, huh?

  3. Louise..funny you ask about kayaking...look at the 9th picture of Jim and Sophie on the beach, if you click on it you'll see 2 kayakers in the water near Jim's head. Coincidinckle, eh!

    Sharon...Yes hurricane season becomes our hurricane season too. Hurricane Juan in 2003 devastated our property. So, with trepidation we wait watching the weather channel for updates!

    Debra...yes it's vunderbar!

  4. If Earl does come around, be careful and stay safe!


  5. Ok Sophie, I will one day be cycling the roads up your way for the cool, fresh air and the scenery.

  6. What a cool place. SHE visited there a looooong time ago and says the tides are very dramatic.....see boats tied up at the dock...come back and they're resting on the bottom.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  7. Scotsmad..you have it spot on...so much drama with the waters of the Fundy!

    BR Boomer..many tks!

    MDScaper...the roads are waiting....come when you are ready!

  8. Sophie
    I know you and your dads like to be in cool places but please don't go near the water when Earl gets there.
    Please be safe

  9. I've been there! The Bay of Funday is one of those places I always wanted to see, and when we were in Canada many years ago, I made David take me there!

  10. Life here seems very boring after reading that post! Our temps never ever go above 25 degrees and rarely if ever even get to that and we certainly don't have such exciting waters either!

    and you got in and swam ... Clive only managed to get into the water (for the first time ever!) in South Carolina this summer! He's never tempted by the water here in Ireland!

    take care with the Hurricane!

    - Clive & Co

  11. Clive..you are a world traveler I see...North Carolina would be oh so Hot even now. Nova Scotia gets heat for a bit of the month of July and August, then cooler temps...This year is wonky for some reason(Global warming?) The heat is really here now because of Hurricane Danielle and Earl. Two too close together.

    Terry..I grew up along the shores of the Fundy...cool cool and cooler! Fog rolls in, in an instant and you just disappear one day and the next can be hot as Hades. So glad you enjoyed your visit.

    Tweedles...hunkered down is the term this w/e no doubt. Fingers crossed not just a tropical storm always can handle that!


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