Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hi's me again...the water is so fresh and clean here today that I spent over an hour and a half paddling around making sure my ball is safe.

 Here I come into land yet again....

closer and closer.....

could this be any more invigorating....

OK...who's that over there....should I investigate?

Oh it's Daddy Jim....he's found a mittful of seaglass again. He's in seventh heaven. I'll just leave him alone and continue....

I just love time come along and I'll show you my secret beach!


  1. Beautiful, crystal clear water!
    Have fun!

  2. Oh Sophie, you are quite the athletic girl! Love the rock wall in the background where Daddy Jim is searching for sea glass. Is the wall really old?

  3. What wonderful exercise for you Sophie! The water is so clear, if I didn't see the pictures, I would not have believed it! No wonder the sea glass was spotted!

  4. Angel and Princess are green with envy!! Soldier says: As far as I'm concerned, you can have all that water to yourself. -- A fox tail is the tip of a grass weed, where the seeds are. We have dead grass weeds here, but I'm not sure they are fox tails, but better safe than sorry. They can be VERY dangerous to DOGS, so have your daddies Google them.

  5. If there's water and mud, Pugsley will find it. Makes cleaning the back seat of the car almost pointless. And we have a steady stream of slobber all down the side of the windows too. But, swimming is the best. We catch him dreaming about swimming from time to time.

  6. A secret beach? You are one lucky girl!


  7. Hi Sophie,
    Oh my stars you are the bravest lady puppy we know...look at you out there swimming all by yourself. You make us proud!!!
    Mom and Dad are back and I'm glad...I don't like my routine to get off track.
    Happy Sunday,
    Madi and Mom

  8. What beautiful photos!!

    Our beaches in Southern California have never looked that good!


  9. What beautiful pictues!! I continue to envy your adventures!!!!

  10. You have the best places to play and swim,, so very beautiful places

  11. Sophie, you must be in fantastic shape, what with all the swimming and hiking. Tell your Dad his photos are gorgeous.

  12. How refreshing that water looks! Oh so clear!!! And lucky found sea glass. Isn't it beautiful? I have always loved the feel of it in my hands and it's colors remind me of a tropical isle. Sigh...such an idyllic walk along the shore. And fun for Sophie, too.


  13. You have the life! And I almost didn't see you in that first shot. :)

  14. Oh Sophie! Beautiful photos! You know I'm there for your secret beach tour :) Swim on my friend!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose


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