Monday, August 2, 2010 favourite swimming hole....again!

In the spring.....

In the summer....

or in the Fall..... matter which season, I just love to swim and fetch... are most welcome to come to my world and experience the seasons and the peacefulness of this canal...


  1. You know, Sophie, I believe I would if I could! The heat index (feels like) temp is 109!

  2. No winter picture, Sophie? I wonder if you go slipping and sliding on that canal then?

  3. I wish we had one of those by our house! Instead, we've got cornfields. Not nearly as much fun!


  4. You are quite the swimmer, Sophie girl. And that road looks like a great place for humans to walk.

  5. miss sophie,
    that looks like a grrreat place to go swimmies! do you really still swim even in the winter?? brrr! i got to go swimmies at the river this weekend, and it was so totally awesome sauce!! :)
    the booker man

  6. Wish Eva loved to swim like you do!

  7. The winter picture is non-existent 'cause my guys aren't into driving 100kms just to see if I'd go swimming in a frigid cold canal...maybe they'll succumb this winter if I stare at them long enough! If they do...then a pic is in store!


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