Saturday, August 21, 2010

Loon or just loonie!

There's something over there! Let me get the ball first.

What is that, anyway?

The guys will know!

Hey, did you see that?


  1. Sophie, that's the strangest loon, I've ever seen! How odd! (Not a loonie/loony, that would have sunk, lol!)

  2. Sophie, you are a fine swimmer!

  3. oh Sophie, you are too adorable for words - love your new picture

  4. Hi Sophie, Good dog, you didn't try to chase the bird!

  5. Hey girls...Sharon,Terry,bad penny and Canyon Girl....swimming is soooo deep in my bones that I just drop at the sound of splatter, ripple or spray. I love to swim and am willing to teach anyone. I had my Daddy Ron in the water this pm and he's now a swimmer. Don't let him think he's trying to calm me down when I'm in the water with him becauce it just ain't true. I'm not nervous or anything. He thinks I am.

  6. Hello there Sophie! Looks you've had some great swims again. So, what was it in the sea? I'm on my hols at the moment and swimming loads. I've also enjoyed my first ice-cream. Oh boy! It tastes sooooooo good. Pop by to see some pics. Oscar (and Ros)

  7. Sophie

    We are so delighted to meet you! Many thanks for stopping by our blog! Your header photo is just gorgerous - we have all just fallen in love with you!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  8. miss sophie,
    first like, i love love LOVE your new header picture! you look so cutesies with your bunny stuffie! :)
    now about that looks like ya'll were havin' a stare down at the end there. teehee.
    the booker man

  9. Hey booker man....thanks for the kind remarks....the header is another of Daddy Ron's 'pull it out of the hat' chance things. Worked out well.
    The stare down with Mr.Loon would have continued but major fetching just had to be done!

  10. What beautiful water (and what a beautiful dog)!


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