Friday, August 20, 2010

Zen Swim......

This is my moment of Zen for this day......

I kept stroking through the warm waters....

and always awaiting my of my I must figure a way to get them swimming in this beautiful water.....


  1. It sure looks like a peaceful, pleasant paddle! (Gee, say that three times really fast..)

  2. Looks like lovely swimming weather to me, Sophie. Do try harder to get your Daddies to take a dip. I like your new header picture, by the way. You and your bunny make a lovely couple.

  3. Beautiful, Sophie. That water is crystal clear. I love the new header picture of you.

  4. The 3 P's.....Peaceful, Pleasant, Paddle....thanks for that Sharon...will be using that from now on!

    The header was a pleasant surprise as Daddy Ron was playing with the editing photo stuff...he's a wild and crazy guy!

  5. you would have to leash me up to keep me from jumping in this perfect-looking water!!
    Of course, you would have to leash me up to keep me from dog-paddling in my water bowl, so what does that say about me?
    Bird, the bulldog baby

  6. Wow! That sure looks good to us, here in the UK, Sophie. It's been a day of very heavy rains! We just love the blue skies and warm sun. Ros and Oscar

  7. How can you not swim in such crystal clear water!!! C'm on guys, take Sophie's lead. : )

    And yes, great header photo.

  8. I just noticed they are in a frenzy while you are having a zen swim! Must go and see what that's all about. And if there were ever a contest, you would win The Cutest Dog on the Blogs in a minute.

  9. I'd have followed you in for a swim!


  10. Sophie
    your zen swim looks so awsome.
    I can tell you have something on your mind, maybe it is zennnning out!
    Your dads are brilliant photographers. Everything they take a picture of and I mean EVERYTHING , is awsome,,, and you are so cute Sophie

  11. May thanks for all the kind words.... dog lovers of the world.


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