Sunday, August 29, 2010


My daddy goes bonkers over blackberries. Every time the season approaches he becomes more alert to the ever ripening of the little berries. When we lived on the west coast we discovered that blackberries were like giants compared to their east coast cousins. This proved to be the best part of living there. Anytime, one could find blackberries growing in every crack or crevice. So, the other day in the park Jim found some bushes on the path up the hill from the parking lot and inside the park a bit further along. 'Look Ron blackberries' I heard as he dove into the thickets.

This goes out to ALL you blackberry lovers and I hope it finds you with blackberry juice all over your enjoy!


  1. Those blackberry photos are fabulous!

    We love making blackberry jam every September (blackberries are later here). Nothing as yummy as blackberry jam on a freshly baked scone!

  2. Your blackberry season is so much later than ours! It must be a pleasure picking them - except for the barbs, of course!
    They look so good - and plentiful!
    MMMmmmm, blackberry pie! Or jam, or cobbler!

  3. Mmmmmm, blackberries are ripe here, too. They're my second favorite, after raspberries.

  4. I love blackberries too, Sophie, but I have to get mine at the supermarket!

  5. Oh, those look so tasty! We could sure use some blackberry jam about now!


  6. hi Sophie
    I have been picking black berrries everyday too. they are so good.
    your dad got some awsome photos of them!

  7. I love blackberries... yum!

  8. They look luscious! Enjoy them.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  9. No blackberries here, I'm afraid.
    Sophie, I met a dog today that looked a lot like you, only black. She's a goldendoodle, very soft coat, friendly and playful. She made me think of you.

  10. Hi-D-Ho Everyone! I see blackberries are somewhat of a hit. Daddy Jim is still munching...what can I say...Oink, Oink!!

  11. I am at a time disadvantage with my comments b/c I live on the west coast and we're soo behind! But the pictures are great and so are blackberries. Your daddy has good taste!--Inger

    Oh, do you know what disadvantage means, Sophie? It's a pretty long word, but then you're such a smart dog. Just wondering.

  12. All I have to say is YUM!

    Thinkin eye candy for the Roo man :)

  13. matter with the time difference we still are waiting for your viewpoints

    Roo...I hear ya Roo!

  14. YUMMY!! Thanks so much for sharing these great photos!!!! My mommy loves Blackberries too!!!! She used to eat the wild ones with cream and sugar when she was a little! YUMMMMMMM!!!
    Hugs, Sharky and the fuzzies

  15. I used to live on the west coast before realizing that I *had* to live in the mountains. But, I loved the blackberries. We used to pick huge quantities in a very short time during our dog walks! So, I second you!


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