Wednesday, August 18, 2010


On the Island, my aim was to get 'cool' no matter what it took. The week was sunny and hot. Since I figured out how far we were situated from the shoreline I made myself very available for morning walks, afternoon strolls and evening jaunts. The guys were obsessed with seaglass hounding (as I call it) and I just wanted to fetch my ball.....see.....

Here are a few photos of my successful attempts to cool off....

When the guys had to cool off I made sure they were good and I come!

As the sun was slowly going down after a long day of fetching I sauntered along with my boys and pretended to search for seaglass too.

Truly coolness comes in all forms and by taking in this sunset with the warm breezes cool could that be!


  1. Sophie, you are one cool dog!

    Cool pictures too!

  2. You are very cool, Sophie! And, you would be very cool, even in the middle of Manhattan. But, I'm glad you got to play in the ocean and hunt for seaglass with your people.

  3. There have been so many days this summer when we would love to have some of your cool-coolness!!!

  4. That looks like so much fun that you've inspired our dog Pugsley to convince us to rent a camper and travel the west coast of Michigan. Fetching balls and perhaps finding some Lake Michigan glass.

  5. Hi and I are glad you 3 had a good week in the sun and surf. Thank goodness you got in a lot of fetching in spite of the seaglass hunt. Dad told me when Mom is on the beach her head down....she is a shell seeker. He told me he has to make sure she doesn't run into other people. Madi

  6. Mike and I got a little flat bottom aluminum boat to putz around the creek and river in for fishing a few weeks ago. Mike's been out a few times, but I've always got something going on! I've only been on a ten minute ride! I don't think Max and Minnie have been out yet. We'll have to go out the four of us one afternoon.

  7. It looks like you had the best of weeks and managed to stay cool a lot of the time! Good there is sea glass to be hounded, some dogs have couch potatoes for their people.

  8. Looks like you had a ball! Get it? Ball?

  9. Love to see you having such a good time Sophie - that sunset picture is incredible~~



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