Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sophie is proud of the guys,again!

Yesterday, my guys hit the motherlode of 'motherlodes'. Check out the amount and variety of colours and sizes of seaglass we found on an uncombed beach in the city. Yes, 'in the city' is the amazing thing. We scoured all kinds of beaches and found some pieces, however never thought to look at the tiny little inlets in and around our city. We are beyond ourselves and the best thing is...I can go swimming while they act like scavengers with bent necks uplifting stone after stone with so many surprises awaiting!


Aren't the colours amazing!

up close and personal with some words inscribed...

This is their favourite seaglass book right now...go check it out at the library

These guys aren't a bit OCD....they are alot OCD. I guess it could be worse, so while they bury their heads and 'ooh and aah' over their booty I'll just rest my weary head on bunny.....ta ta!