Saturday, August 7, 2010

I love legumes!

Yesterday, we drove to Boutilier's Point on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Jim's sister Jo-Ann lives there. She with her partner Milan have flown off to Slovenia for 5 weeks and Jim promised to harvest the beans while they were cavorting around the Mediterranean. Sounds like an even trade off, eh! Well, this was like hitting pay dirt for me....beans...legumes...these are my favourite munchies of all times....

This is the area where the cache was hiding. Milan has built a fence around the bean patch to keep out bean predators, like me I guess. He's one handyman. I'll have to show you some of the furniture he's made one day. Anyway, back to my taste buds. Look what I spied....

I had no idea beans grew in a metal  collander/sieve in the middle of the bean patch.

Oh now I get the picture...that Jim is so smart ....maybe if I stare at him he may succumb to....

my vibes~~~ worked again...this technique should be patented....

"stare, stare, stare.....tongue panting....stare, stare, stare" !
(such a simple mantra)


  1. Oh, Sophie, you are such a good girl, sitting outside the gate waiting. You deserve beans, and more beans!

  2. Yum! Yellow wax beans, what a treat! I hope the stare worked!

  3. Your such a good girl for eating healthy.....


  4. You certainly know how to work your daddies, don't you Sophie Girl?
    Enjoy the beans!
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  5. I hear you, Sofie! I am thankful every day that I have big brown eyes that the people can't resist!

    Those beans look delicious!


  6. Very talented, Sophie. You have that begging technique down to a T.

  7. I am very impressed dear Spohie that you eat so healthy! Good girl.
    And such a talented girl you are!!! :)

  8. Sophie, you are both adorable and admirable! And you live in such a gorgeous part of Canada (I visited about 6 years ago) :)

    And thank you so much for being my special, 500th follower on Kitchen Retro :)

  9. Sophie girl
    You are such a good girl to sit and stare,,,,
    and then here comes the beans one by one!
    My moms have barricades too - to keep ME out of places, like the strawberry patch

  10. I'm not too sure what these beans are but the leaves lok very healthy & I know four girls who would like to get their beaks into those !

    Your background & headder are lovely - has Daddy been playing with camera effects again ?


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