Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Birthday, I am 6 !!!

I guess I'm all 'growed up' now ~~~  just turned 6!

But heck, who ever said that anyone needs to grow up ~~~ not I captain!

 Turning 6 needs some frolicking

leaping lizards I really am 6!

The snow just adds to my celebration and over the top zoooooming!!!

There ~~~ that feels better and a stick needs a chew and 
with the piece de resistance ~~~ !

 a trip to my fave again....
The Three Dog Bakery
....for my surprise of surprises!

You can smell anything and everything

and choose from nose high crates or special delicacies behind glass.

But I think this is the best choice...
don't you!?
My birthday cake with 6 candles.
Make sure someone blows those out 
before I put on my bib to devour
that gorgeous DoodleCake!