Sunday, February 24, 2013

SeaWeed Monster!

As I was galloping down the beach today without a care in the world,
minding my own "busy"ness...
(just look at the video and you'll see I was fetching, dunking and having an all round good laugh)

Teasing is part of my repertoire
 and it is well-known in these parts....

But unbeknowst to me and Ron 
hiding in this huge mound of seaweed
was a monster...
please be careful
don't look at it straight in the eyes!

for it's not just any monster...
it's the horrible
 SeaWeed Monster of Lawrencetown Beach.
Do you see it?
Camouflage can sometimes be good thing!

It's hard to imagine that something as scary as this
could come from these waters.
It's down right terrifying!