Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Canal and River Stroll

Do you see what I see down there in the canal?

It's Mr.Orangie ~~~
(who was neatly in my mouth just a second ago, honest)
 He is now floating peacefully down the canal.

Jim ~~~ please help me!

I didn't realize that the water was so cold and
that Mr. Orangie would tumble down the icy bank.

OK, then I'll manage along the water's edge.

The ice is so crunchy and noisy ~~~ a bit nerve wracking

S-t-r-e-t-c-h ~~~~ there ~~~ I've almost got Mr. O back safely in my clutches

and yes take it from me
the H2O is 'chilly willy' today.

Funny I never noticed this temperature thing before!
Oh well, at least Mr. O is safe and sound.
Keeping a tight jaw on him from now on!

After the canal scenario
we decided to go along the river located nearby.
This place will show you all the ice that was in the river and
the steam rushing along...
(near the 1/2 way mark)
This is our 1st visit here this year
and next time I'll be in that water for sure!
Well, at least I got to dig a
(You'll see at the end)