Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hydration...so very important!

Here I am all dry, clean and ready for a jaunt ~~~ 
along  a new path that we discovered at the park today.
We almost slipped passed this pool of water ~~~ a stream ~~~

with a skim of ice covering it with many of last season's leaves frozen in place

~~~ DoodleInstinct ~~~
leads me directly into the pool.
I obey ~~~ well ~~~ because I know I have to christen these waters

before any other 4 legger finds it 
 making sure it's fresh, running and refreshing

Jim was taking pictures of the pool and it's reflections
as I sauntered through

~~~ sampling the water ~~~
spring water is always so good
can't pass up a hydration moment

always waiting my guys are ~~~
pools are like magnets
I can't help myself!