Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Police Horse Attention!

How co-inkydinkle is this~~~another horse story!
(2 days in a row)

The Halifax Regional Police ride their horses in  <<click
PPP (Point Pleasant Park)
every now and again.

It is always exciting when you get a chance to see 
the rider and his/her horse,
because I get  a feeling of safety and security
when they appear as we take our walks in the park.

I stare at them every time and get a slight whiff  of the horse as he passes me.

These horses are really very cool,
even my presence didn't phase him in the least.
They are so well-trained
to deal with vehicles of all shapes and sizes,
humans of all ages,
sounds and noises coming from all sides,
many dogs barking
ships tooting their horns while entering and leaving the harbour.

So you can see why we become very excited and almost protective
of these magnificent animals and their handlers.