Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snow Aftermath!!!

I kept looking out of the living room window,
thinking I could make some really great trails in that snow!

So, Jim took me outside.
After he quickly took some shots of the driveway 

he followed me down to the backyard

through the tall spruces, pines and snow covered boulders.

Jim is quick to capture my antics

especially when I found a stick to chew and toss.

Both of us were satisfied as we worked our way around the grove
heading back into the house.
We didn't even notice the cold temperatures.

I really didn't think it was time to retire inside

because we had just come outside

so I sped around making new trails

and discovered Ron staring at me from the back door.

With the skeletal remains of our Japanese maple looking quite striking,
I stood behind it and wouldn't budge.

So with Jim's coaxing as he trudged through the snow,
I came in the house
then I realized....

Hey I'm so glad I came inside.
I have snow clumps all over my paws.
This winter has been a major "snow clump" season
because I haven't had my haircut yet.
Next year I will schedule my haircut at a better time
considering the amount of snow we are having this season.

One should be always prepared ~~~ right!