Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jimbo, My Daddio.....

waiting patiently for the perfect shot, capture, photo

Daddy Jim is a very calm and pensive photographer.

 Always looking for the unusual angle
while I look down
he surveys his surroundings
locates something high above.
 Combing the beaches for sea glass one early morning
at Point Pleasant Park
you can feel the calmness
which envelopes him and me.

 The energy of the exhilarating waves
along with a good cup of
China Green Tips Tea
is all he needs in the search for the perfect photo
this day at Martinique Beach.

Staring at him most often elicits a fast throw, a quick moment of sea glass hounding,
and the chance to capture another unusual photo.
Even me cocking my head grabs his attention
and he soothes or calms me down.
 My needs are not many
but I know I need
to walk between my guys
better safe than not, right!
And as you read here....
I feel most complete as my 'doodleself'
when listening carefully and taking a moment
for my Daddy Jimbo.