Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mercury Retrograde....

 July 14 - August 8
the period of Mercury Retrograde
when everything seems to become jumbled, mixed up, confused,
blurry, 'you said what', bizarre situations.....I could go on!

 I sense an unevenness in my gait,
the ground seems to be tilting
 yet strangely beautiful....

 I know I can put my mind to it 
and re-think things,
find a new perspective
or even refresh one of my long standing beliefs...

 I must take things with a grain of salt
because if I feel this way, then I highly suspect others do too.

That ol' Mercury is a tricky dicky...
 I managed to survive the pokes and  nudges 
helping my guys through 
a period of personal upheaval.

The next time you'll see this craziness will be
Nov 6 - Nov 15th
be forewarned.....!