Thursday, August 2, 2012


 Once in awhile 
I need to take a moment
and count my lucky stars....
I tear around plenty
knocking into things 
that seem to bounce off me....
without any concern for others.
I so excitedly `doodle` dance with many friends
realize that sometimes
I`m just too exuberant.

 My head is as hard as rock
and to connect with anyone can be hurtful.
You see people`s heads are very similar
but larger therefore more chance of problems internally.
 Sometimes this is what they see after hurting their noggins...
just a pencil sketch of reality....
with very little form, colour, and depth
Bright lights can make a scene so very jarring to the sufferer...
it almost hurts
going indoors
pulling the blinds and turning off all stimulus
is the only peace.

 Blurriness, dizziness, drowsiness 
are but  a few symptoms that often accompany 
causing setbacks as one stumbles through the day.
Coming through the symptoms 
appearing on the other side
finds most people
fatigued and exhausted.
You see my Daddy Jim
has experienced all this and more
in 2008 when he fell skating on a frozen lake nearby.
Life changed for him 
and Ron
and me.
with so many athletes coming forward.
The way of discussing and understanding
them has changed and hopefully
will save someone 
maybe someone you know.