Friday, August 10, 2012

Whispering Sweet Nuthin's

Life can only be described as a moment to moment potpourri
of  ups and downs.
While lounging on the lawn in the 
of Halifax....
my patience and calmness
seems to be eclipsed 
by 'sparklees'
....something has come over 
us here.
Re-assurance is drifting slowly
into my psyche from Daddy Ron.
"Do you see them Sophie"?
"Do you feel them"?

 Everything is going to be all right.
Even the magic is over there near
Daddy Jimbo.
Maybe it's him.
Is that possible?
I know he has special powers,
but this is ridiculous!
Or is it?
See I told you all would be fine,
if you believe that it will.
Thanks Daddy Jimbo
for being here, there