Monday, August 6, 2012

In the Fog....!

Thank you 
~~~so much~~~
to all of you,
for your kind comments 
regarding Daddy Jim's

Walking in the fog 
symbolizes his struggle
over the last few years
with this condition.

Everyone experiences
different symptoms,
some easing over time,
if not immediately,
while others endure
ongoing symptoms that
halt you in your place
or trip you figuratively.

is all that one needs to offer...
~~~take the time to learn
and comprehend what 
concussions are all about
~~~changes in education
very recently have brought
this condition to the forefront
~~~respect the sufferer's need for healing
and don't forget them
~~~lend a healing hand
a supportive voice

I do my best everyday
with snuggles 
"doodle snuggles"
 you know
are very healing!