Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Action Central

With the heat and humidity
smothering our area lately
we decided a dip in the
North West Arm
was needed.

This family was trying to convince their new puppy
that the water was just fine.
If they had taken notice of me 
they would have learned a thing or two....seriously!

The invasion of the canoe people...
we turned the corner and look...

there were more
and that's only 1/2 of them

That's me moseying along just slipping through the water...

passing all these vessels
 large and small

and watching near misses like this one

but I made sure I was not close to these guys when one decided to flip over
(check out the video)
you'll see that I have my priorities straight

There were many learners flipping over...
I guess they were new at this

as long as they don't disturb my need...
 to retrieve

I think that by the time we reached 
the end of the park
the vessels were all in a line
sailing in perfect unison.

All I can say is that the waters were active today
with so many exciting things to watch...

and since it's usually just little ol' me and the guys...
well I kinda liked it.