Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Up the Slope Pt 3

and would you look at what was in front of us
as we sat on the edge of the hill

.....with the warm south winds bathing us.....

Just on the hillside above these kiteboarders
you find us.....
with our noses to the pedal,
trying to find BlueOuterSpaceBall...

with Cynthia laughing at our industriousness...!
no really, she is having a super time 
and thinks we are the funniest people/dogs on the planet!

These kiteboarders are outta control...

but not us...we are  just grooving along enjoying our chance encounter

and so is Jim.

Time seems to stand still and fly by at the same time!

but Mocha has her eye on Ron...
not letting him get away with anything!

There is one last
 tete a tete
and nose snuggle

before we head down the hill
back to our cars 
into the far beyond.