Sunday, August 19, 2012

Up the Slope Pt 2

So come along as I meander up the path with a slight hint of a familiar scent...

In the grasses I notice my brain is recognizing something...
something so familiar and yet elusive....'s Mocha and Cynthia.... <click for a refresher
now just look at those ears, eyes and smile...
and that's just Cynthia'
 ....coming to the hill WAS a good idea!

Mocha, Loco-Motion
has her own BlueOuterSpaceBall
and look who has it in HER mouth!

looks like there's no room for BlueOuterSpaceBall 
in Mocha's mouth with that

Daddy Jim and Cynthia are teachers
and everyone knows how teachers
greet each other....
open mouths and tilted heads...seriously!

Gees...that head tilting must have caused something to go awry
with me and this one dog?

So Mocha's allowed to play with her ball once in awhile
I don't mind sharing
besides she had 2 balls here today
another orange type...
Me likes...!

Mocha and I LOVE to play 
What's Your Secret?
I'm telling her mine...seriously!

The day has really come together for us all...
thanks to Mocha and Cynthia
but WAIT....there's more!