Monday, June 28, 2010

Who's Flying Now? the end of Lawrencetown Beach is a rather large hill 
called Hawkin's Hill
which we haven't scaled in a couple of months. So.....

...we headed up and with the fog bank hugging the beach and lowland areas we thought that the view from the top would be pretty much 'nothing'....

...the lake on the east side of the trail is Porter's Lake and was somewhat visible with wisps of fog floating by...

...with Ron lagging behind, I decided to hurry him up and charged down the hill to give him more can do it! I come watch out...YES I WAS FLYING...such freedom and so I continued closing in on Ron with tongue just a waggin'...

...since I FLEW down the hill, I figured I could FLY up the hill...SEE!

...this view was my undoing...Look but don't leap...I know what the guys were saying over and over again!

...just too steep to go down for a swim....I love water and to give this up was so disappointing....

...with most of the lake visible now we headed back...

...we trudged down the hill passed the can see I'm on a chance of diving in time for sure...

...the surfer's were visible now with the lifting of the fog bank...I'ts always the best time because the air smells sweet with salt as well as the new spring/summer grasses...

....speaking of which, Jim taught me how to make beautiful music with a blade of grass...SEE!

...nothing to it, he says, next time....I've got some sniffin' to do....

...and what I mean by 'sniffin', is a Doberman I could sniff from miles away..truly!

...we finally made it back to the boardwalk, had a short rest and proceeded to the car. 

Once again, we had a great adventure topped with the blue, blue sky; how soon we forget the gloomy grey foggy day. The return home to the backyard was so welcoming. I love my home!


  1. I have said this to jim, but you need more dogs!!!

  2. Clancey`s arriving on Wed for a 4 day stay...that should be enough!

  3. What a fun, and beautiful morning. You know Sophie, I never knew that Nova Scotia was so downright glorious. Thank you for opening my eyes.

  4. Wow, what beautiful pictures...and all that running made me tired just watching it. Way to go!

  5. Pure doggy bliss!!!!
    Life is Good, eh?

  6. What were you saying in your last post about a movie? I think this looks like something right out of one! How beautiful!!

  7. You reckon DJ or DR could outfit you for a glider? How wonderful, you think?
    Sure is beautiful up there!

  8. The photographs are just beautiful. The one with the surfer is gorgeous.

    Sophie, you would have loved the concert. There were at least a dozen loose dogs.

  9. You made me miss the smell of the ocean. I'm glad you had such a great outing, just be careful with that flying stuff.

  10. Sophie,
    If you post one more picture of beautiful Nova Scotia you may have a new poodle friend to play with. Momma is ready to move there! First, Dad just has to get out of the military...
    What a fun trip to the beach you had. Flying looks like a lot of fun! You look so happy, I'm glad you has such a fun morning!
    Daisy Mae

  11. I must concur that it was so good to get back to this was a while.

  12. The views there are so beautiful.
    You have such energy.
    I am pretty certain I could smell the clean air coming off the water.
    When you mentioned Jim showed you how to make music with a blade of grass that brought back so many fun memories. It's been years since I've done that. Guess what I am going to do?

  13. We had a sea fog today but Dillon still enjoyed his run - I hate to say, but he would have been down that cliff & into the water !!!


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