Thursday, June 17, 2010


Sitting patiently looking out window because I've been told that Jinny is is coming for tea in no less than 20 minutes....well, 'brush my hair and clean my teeth' I better be on best behaviour if I'm going to con her into sharing her banana cake morsels...

See.....I think it's working...stillness(so difficult) is winning her over...I know it will....since Jinny is a veterinarian she could double-cross me so...."con...cen...tration" (pay attention to me)!

After laughs and chuckles, I see Jinny out to her car to find Eliza and Gretel sitting so politely waiting for their run on the they went and because Jinny forgot her sunglasses Daddy Ron drove after her and returned them to her at the beach...She was so apologetic but appreciative.

a few hours later we were in need of a caffeine fix and sweets so we drove to downtown Dartmouth and found a table on the sidewalk at "Two if by Sea" a relatively new cafe....

as you can see their motto for the day, if not forever, is "Guilt is not on our Menu" ...I truly love the way they of the baristas came out to fondle me (love it)....

the "oohs and aahs" were just fine, so I crept under the table.....hahah....OK...I'll leave it up to you, for I know no one can really see me (wink wink)....Should I or shouldn't I !?


  1. Did you, or didn't you?
    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  2. It's so nice to have company, isn't it Sophie? Oh, my, you and your goodies! Please don't lose that girlish figure like our Mom did!

    ~Jack and Jill

  3. Sophie, that first picture of you is absolutely beautiful. Of course, that is no surprise because you are very beautiful yourself. Sounds like you're a class A, Number 1 Schmooser, too. Always my favorite kind of dog.

  4. A loving family, a nice, dog-friendly town and a beach! Sophie, you sure picked a good place to live.

  5. Hmmmm, well Sophie, did you? Hope you at least got a little taste! :)
    That first pic of you is so beautiful.

  6. miss sophie,
    should you or shouldn't you snag that yummy looking sweet treat off the table? you so should!!
    the booker man

  7. Oh, YESH, go for it! You are so cute that you can get away with just about anything, can't you☺

  8. Thanks everyone for the encouragement to be a sneak and snatch the blessed cookie...I did get a taste of it and because it had raisins in it...I was not allowed to have anything more....Word has it raisins and chocolate are NOT good for beware!


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