Monday, June 14, 2010

Back from NYC.....:-)

Clancey's Mom is back from New York City...first time there and enjoyed the Big Apple.....

Now no more Clancey! sniffin' arses or checking out pups....what'll I do?

Daddy Ron says ...everything will be OK...come on into the garden and help me weed...and we'll play chase and tuggy too!

Clancey will be back again soon to sleep on your just wait and see!


  1. Hello Sophie!
    Well! If I could be an only dog again for a while, I would spend the time getting extra attention! However, Jill isn't going anywhere soon, I think I will take a nap. Time goes fast when you take a nap!

  2. Don't worry, Sophie, Clancy will be back soon. In the meantime, you can think up all kinds of fun stuff to do with him, next time he comes.

  3. Hi Sophie, How come Auntie Sharon's comments are on top of the link within? I don't know about these new templates, but if you play with them and fix them, you won't miss Clancey so much.

  4. Sophie, it's a good opportunity to get some extra lovin' and some snacks! Give your humans sad eyes - works every time.
    from Clifford, the Big Red Dog at Moondance

  5. Hey Canyon Girl...I must be missing something(as usual) but Auntie Sharon's comments are below LinkWithin on my page.

  6. Hi Sophie
    I love all your photos!
    I just know that you have so much fun in store for you and your dads. And time will fly by so quickly, then Clancy will be back again. So go on now and help your dad pull weeds from the garden.

  7. thanks for your gereldene Granger comment! you willnever know just how close your were with that comment....the vicar did turn up ( he likes shirley bassey and liza Minnelli so you know where he stands) and my sister couldnt resist asking him " more tea vicar?"

  8. Awww, Clancy will be back to play. Who is the blonde between you and Clancy?
    I really like the wood floors in your house. And the window in the door/wall. You have a lovely, very inviting house that you share with your daddy's.

  9. That's a doodle that showed up as we were making our rounds at the park..I jumped and hopped the very same name for this doodle..sorry!

  10. Hi Sophie, Thanks for visiting us. Drop by any time. We enjoyed visiting you & will be dropping by from time to time. I am a doodle too but different. I, Ernie, am a Schnoodle. I think us doodle kids are great.
    Ernie,Sasha,Chica & the 4 legged foster kids


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