Sunday, June 6, 2010

morning walk....fresh!

The morning sky was clear and sun shone crystal clear, so I figured it was time to go for a walk on the beach. Come on guys, up and at 'em....I know we'll have a good time...

OK here we go...

Sometimes DJ and DR just lag behind so I make sure they aren't hiding and round them up.

I find the hidden tracks. After figuring out who is who, I proceed confidently....

Since my sniffer is top notch I turn and head straight for DJ.

He is finishing up his Qi Gong routine to calm his energy and put everything in order for the day.....I usually dig a hole at this point (phew)....

I turn....seeing surfers down the beach....let's check this out

If only I could get closer...

This yellow surfer board girl is my kind...come on, come on, come in closer....Ah I tried, then my daddies said we should get back home for breakfast.....sure enough that's all I need to!

The 3 Mouseketeers head home for their favourite meal!!!!


  1. What an amazing way to start your day!! At a time when all we are seeing are oil on the beaches in Louisiana it's so nice to see that you are enjoying yours!

  2. KGP...yes, it's difficult to watch the Gulf story, so we take solace in living one day at a time...we can only hope that the oil does not make its way to Nova Scotia....some rumours have said that the oil could make it this far...pls Lord 'be on our side'...with the hurricane season approaching and it's supposed to be a big, I can again be hopeful.

  3. what a pretty beach! Digging holes is fun, I must agree!
    Enjoy your pretty weather, its been 110 degrees here today and much too hot to go outside except to go potty (i even still stay in the shade!)
    Daisy Mae

  4. Oh, Sophie, you are such a lucky dog! I would love it my people would take us for a nice long walk! Now our Daddy is out of town on a job and we won't see him until late Thursday night! Our Mom is such a stick in the mud, she keeps messing with her computer and mumbling to herself. All we can do is mope around so she will feel sorry for us and get on the floor to play, we were only successful once today!
    ~Jack and Jill

  5. You sure have a beautiful place to run. I hope that it always stays as lovely as it is now. That Gulf story just makes me want to cry. We humans are such a destructive species. It's good that we have individuals like you, to keep us on the right path.


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