Saturday, June 19, 2010

Many Thanks to All!!

On a foggy morning stroll.......This is what I do with gusto and I enjoy my Daddies' camraderie. I hope you've enjoyed my short visit to the blog world thus far...and I want to thank all those who  have made comments or just watched.....

I want to single out the following with huge licks:

A. J. 

This took awhile, but hey, it's well worth it because I know what good bloggers you are and I appreciate your interest.....

The fog lifted and Daddy Jim and I are headed back, my favorite direction because we are going home to breakfast......mmmmm!


  1. Awww, thanks Sophie. :)
    Reading your blog is very enjoyable. I've never 'met' a Labradoodle before, and I have to say you really are one smart cookie as well as beautiful.
    Gentle doggie hug for you.
    So, what did you have for breakfast? Something yummy I bet!

  2. Hi Sophie, Princess and I want to thank you for the licks we got. You are our most favourite (notice how we spelled that) blog and we'll send many licks back to you. That is: Licks from Princess and Hugs from me!--Auntie Inger

  3. miss sophie!
    me 'n asa are touched! thanks so much for coming by my bloggie so that we could meet and be friendz! :) me and asa and mama like reading about your adventures, and of course we LOVE your walkies on the beach!
    oh, asa wants me to woof thanks bunches to you for telling her about your l.l. bean bed! we all went and checked them out, and boy howdy, do they look comfy cozy. at this point, asa is thinkin' either the l.l. bean bed or the snuggle ball from doctors foster and smith.
    the booker man

  4. That was sweet Sophie, love the pic of you & Dad in the fog! Can't believe he's wearing a jacket! We are dying from the heat and humidity here! We take many breaks to come in and get cool drinks of water!
    ~Jack N Jill

  5. What a great pic Sophie! Check out my blog today and see what I found sitting on my busy street this morning. So far, no one is looking for her, so she may end up part of my family.

  6. AJ..I am on a raw food diet and have been for 2 years...I love the stuff and so when breakfast comes along I'm sitting patiently waiting for Daddy Jim or Ron to make up his friggin' mind as to what I'm going to get that morning! Morning 'dumbness' sometimes overcomes the Daddies and they can't think I lick and cuddle and they respond ;-) on or near the water brings with it the 'what will I wear decision?'...because it could be a pleasant 20 degrees C(68 F) at home and end up 10 to 15 degrees cooler at the we are always prepared with light weight Patagonia jackets...the best jacket ever...the weather here yesterday was 30 degrees C (85 + F) I think and this am it was 12 degrees...anyway it's very comfortable so far, but the humidity will come next month and so will the headaches...argh

    Booker man...yes it's L.L.Bean all the way

    Auntie Inger...sorry about the favorite/favourite's the old English we were taught in school...sometimes I cheat and leave out the 'u'....don't tell anyone.

  7. I could thank-YOU as well for such an interesting blog that I really enjoy my visits too!! I know I say it over and over, but I really do love your pictures and seeing the beach. I know that I live in the country which has its own serenity, but for me there so relaxing about your photos and your world that just totally captivates me!

  8. Oh Sophie, you are a sweetie!

    I love your blog, and your photos are beautiful.

  9. We feel we are the lucky ones to have found you and your world, so that our worlds could meet.
    We enjoy you so much

  10. Sophie, thank you oh so very much for our link.
    Me and Momma love reading your blog. I love that you are part poodle, and Momma loves to see the beach (even though she gets a little jealous of the beautiful place you call home sometimes.) Reading about how much you love breakfast makes us happy too.
    Happy Blogging!
    Rebecca and Daisy Mae

  11. This is a great blog Sophie!! We met you on L-town Beach Saturday morning while you were walking your daddies. We were the old folks (14 yr old and 16 yr old mutts) who played with you for a while! Love your photos!! We go to Two if by Sea every Friday- might see you there or at the beach again some day :)

  12. Kim, Terry, Tweedles, Rebecca and Daisy Mae and newcomer Daina.....Peace Out!!!

  13. What a super sweet post Sophie!!! And, amazing photos! We always look forward to visiting you and the adventures with your dads!! Beam on over for some hikes ok!!?? Anytime :) I would love to run and play on your spectacular beaches!!!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose


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