Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back to the Cranberry Bog ...... :-)

Follow the leader....
no problem...
I'm really good at this....

Getting closer...oh my heart...!

Rub, squirm, kick and flip....
this is heaven....
How come I stink so? Oh it must be the bog which hasn't seen fresh water since last year. Oh well....keep turning Clancey.

Hey Ho All....we're heading home.

After a short shower/bath I smell like heaven again.....Momma would be so proud of me. She may be enjoying New York City, that's fine but at least I certainly know the country life is for me....:-)


  1. Oh Clancy, you certainly are a country dog at heart!

  2. Hey Sophie! After the bog, you guys looked so good and clean, didn't smell too good though, huh? I suppose you got a shower/bath as well. You sure do have a pretty tail!

    ~Jack and Jill

  3. My mom gave me a bath yesterday too! After rolling around in the red dirt here it makes my fun brown, so glad you guys had fun at the bog.
    Daisy Mae

  4. Today....Another day.....dirt or clean beach water....toss up? no way...clean beach water....stinkum is too much ;-)

  5. Hilarious pics of Clancy getting dirty. And I was just thinking how white he is in the before pics!
    Sounds like you are having so much fun.
    Looking forward to your next adventure.

  6. Good for you for loving the country Clancey...isn't it heaven! We've only lived in the country a year tomorrow...we LOVE IT..there's NO going back for us. Bubba and Chelsea ;-)


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