Monday, June 21, 2010

Daycare Farm for me!

While everyone else is eating cake at 'Pups' 94th Birthday Party....I am romping with new pals at Country Critter Sitters in Seaforth, Nova Scotia....I haven't been there for a long while. I do enjoy this place....lots of fresh air, 4 legged creatures, fenced in corrals and a beach. As we turn off the Hwy 207 we see this driveway....

My heart starts pounding and I let out a yip!

New friends are waiting at the gate ready to sniff and pounce....I'm ready for anything...

Through the gate we all make the somewhat appropriate greetings and then proceed...

...on the verandah I get the once over from all... routine hasn't changed, for I know Mary and Cathy are in there, so I'll stare and wait for them...

....I noticed the southern view today is hampered with the fog rolling in....

...and in the distance the fog appears in the west...

...the greyness, however enhances the greens and allows other colors to pop... show what it's like when the sun shines, here is a picture of a glorious summer day on the hill in a corralled area with the ocean waves crashing on the shoreline... daddies finally came back to get me. I usually make it somewhat difficult for them because I don't want to shown in a 2007 visit....

...such is the life of an exhausted blond tipped Labradoodle who spent 8 hours at daycare....

...I look out the back window of the car as the driveway lengthens and disappears from view....I trust Mary and Cathy will be seeing me again soon....however I've got 24 hours of sleep ahead me....truly!


  1. Hi Sophie!
    What a wonderful place to visit, and all those friends for you to romp and play with, it must have been so much fun! Thanks for having your Daddy take those cool pictures!
    ~Jack N Jill

  2. Sophie What a Pawsome place. Wish we were there with you!!!!

  3. Oh my oh my!! Your Day Camp looks fabulous! Can you spring me from Camp K-9 this Thursday so I can spend the day with you at yours? Beach and green grasses!!! Nice spot :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  4. What a swanky place for you to stay, Sophie! No wonder you like it so much. New friends, new adventures, who could ask for anything more?

  5. What a fun day at daycare. Momma says she would gladly spend the day at daycare there (as would I) Just look at that wonderful view! I bet you can smell and hear the ocean too! Enjoy you super long nap Sophie.
    Daisy Mae

  6. Anyone is more than WELCOME to run through the grasses and shrubs at 'C C Sitters'....just give me a tail's up and we'll figure something out!!!

  7. Oh Sophie how beautiful your day care is! And with you there made it even more stunning!

  8. Sophie
    That is one awsome Day Care
    Everywhere I lookk, I see fun, fun, and more fun!
    I was so happy for you!

  9. I wouldn't want to leave either! Wish there were such a beautiful place for my Rosie to hang out when we go on trips. Maybe she'd even learn to romp a little!

  10. okay, miss sophie, i thought me 'n asa had a grrreat pup camp to go to, but i have to admit...your day camp is TOTALLY AWESOME SAUCE!
    the booker man


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