Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hump Day! Wednesday

Look into my eyes!

Keep looking!

Do not avert your eyes!

Now, that I have your undivided attention!

Take me to the park!

You can't resist these eyes, I know!


  1. Hello Sophie...Your eyes are irresistable and I am sure you get your wish to go to the park everytime your dad's look at you!
    It looks like you live in New you? I live in NH and from the looks of your pictures you must be living pretty close to us!

  2. Who could resist you, Sophie!

  3. Sophie, dear, we know how to use that look and use it all the time, sometimes we extend our paw and touch Mommy, if we haven't gotten the point across. We use it to get doggy treats, works real well! Tell Daddy Ron that we said we like your page, but it takes a very long time for our Mommy to load.
    Try the paw thing, maybe someone will take you!

    Jack N Jill

  4. Okay Sophie, what park do you want to go to? There's a small, but nice area not far from here by the river! Sorry, I don't have a car, just a truck, but you can pretend you are a farm dog. And yes, of course you will sit in the cab. I would never put you or any dog in the back. Ready?

  5. I do that to my Mom, it works on her too. I hope your Dads took you to the beach or somethin'
    Daisy Mae

  6. oh, you sure have pretty brown eyes, miss sophie. i don't see how anybuddy would be able to resist taking you to the park!!
    the booker man

  7. Sophie, you have the prettiest eyes. My Clifford would be smitten.

  8. Sophie, With eyes like that, I'd take you to the moon!
    Licks and sniffs,

  9. You are just too cute, aren't you?

  10. you are so gorgeous Sophie & Dillon would love to show you his favourite place to splash about !


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