Friday, June 25, 2010

Shooting A Movie.....!

Today while driving through Halifax we came upon another movie being filmed. We have a lot them being done here because of tax breaks and plenty of different types of architecture in a small area.

Didn't recognize any 'famous' people so I just stared in the hope that a 'doodle' extra was needed....

I put on my pouty, sexy, come hither visage and stared and stared.....what's with them anyway....not their kind?

Such is the life of a would be 'wanna be'.....

So off to the park we drove, running into 2 new friends.....



The daddies talked with Katie the owner, I do believe we have Brooklyn, New York dogs in our park....perfect...

...a little further along we ran into some people taking stats on the trees that were planted after hurricane Juan devastated our park in fellow had a great head of dreads and I, for one, think our hair looked pretty much the same..... you can see by the picture of me, a couple of years ago, when my hair was starting to grow...I have the makings of 'dreads'...


  1. P.S. Tax breaks = more business = more revenue. . . a lesson my gov't seems to have forgotten.

  2. And to think they couldn't spot talent like yours . . . the next, or really the FIRST, Sophie Loren!

  3. You had a very interesting day, Sophie! New friends are always nice to have. Too bad they didn't want a dog as a walk by in the movie :( We don't have long enough fur to make dread locks, too bad.
    Our Daddy came home last night, we were so excited we wish he could work close by again, so we could see him every night. You are just so lucky to have Daddies that take you places!
    Jack N Jill

  4. Dreads are cool on the dude and you, Miss Sophie!
    Our Mom and Dad got lost in Halifax years ago, after too many glasses of wine with dinner... ;)
    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  5. Of course they should have put you in the movie. They missed out on a great opportunity. Charlie and Lucy are very cute with their little bandanas, but you have true star quality.

  6. duh..thought it was an old photo of you with the dreads! duh!!!!

    anyhow Halifax looks quite nice how far are u out of the city?

    I would love a pug!!!

  7. Sophie, you certainly have a full life. One day you're at the beach, the next day you're in the city!

    I didn't know hurricanes happened so far north.

  8. Obviously, they don't know a star when they see one.

  9. Well Sophie my dear, that guy with the dreads has nothing on you! You are much, much better looking!
    And why in the world weren't you given a part in that movie! Their loss!!!
    Your friends are very cute.

  10. miss sophie,
    i can't believe those film peeps passed up their chance to have you in their movie! their loss for sures!!
    it looks nice 'n refreshing like at your doggie park! i hope you had funsies! it's 102 degrees at my house today. HELP!
    the booker man

  11. Sophie, that picture of you in the car is priceless! Remember this: It's the movie makers' loss that they didn't notice you!

  12. Shame they didn't notice you this time Sophie - maybe next - you'd be a natural as the camera loves you


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