Saturday, June 12, 2010

'Long' way to the Chickenburger!

Off to the South Shore of  Nova Scotia yesterday on a day trip hunting for sea glass and sand beaches...we went to our recent favourite beach to snag some 'finds' but couldn't because families had descended onto the beach and we knew 'us' 4 legged creatures would want to join everyone of them...that would have been very interesting...sand and water on all. So we headed down the road to Bayswater and even though the sign said "All Animals Must Be On Leash' we found a secluded area away from the nearest human and had a 'ball' litterly lol...

running,chasing,splashing and rolling...comes wit the territory.....

When we had enough, or at least the humans had enough....into the car and around the peninsula to a very picturesque part of the trip...

As our stomachs rule our minds,we figured we should head back to urban life because hunger was setting off we sped....

Finally we reached the all important watering hole 'The Chickenburger Restaurant' which if you saw the movie 
~~ Love and Death on Long Island ~~
well you saw the restaurant. Jason Priestley and John Hurt were in town and I can't believe it was 14 years ago, 1996.

I told DR to snap a creative shot(or whatever) as we waited for the food to arrive...

Do you see me peeping through the seat belt above Clancey's head...mighty creative,eh!


  1. That last pic of you is great! :)
    Looks like you all had a great time. And it appears it was a most beautiful day.
    Clancy is sure having fun.
    Chickenburger? Is that like a fast food place?

  2. First and foremost, you should have ignored the signs because you are not an ANIMAL!

    Looks like you had fun!

  3. Hey Sophie, looks like you and Clancey had a really good time at the beach! Food! We never get to go for a ride, except for going to the vet, especially since Daddy took me for a ride in his toy and I had a smelly mishap on the front seat. Yes, I can see you peering from behind Clancey's head at the food place! I sure would like to play with you!

  4. I wish my dogs could come and run with you on the beach. Right now they are feeling pretty cooped up!
    The pictures of the sailboat look just like Sweden.

  5. I never realized that Nova Scotia had so many beautiful white beaches, and gorgeous scenery. You are in dog heaven, Sophie, aren't you?

  6. Yes..The Chickenburger is a fast food joint that's been around since the 1940's when Jim was a baby lol!!!! Rent the movie LOve and Death on Long Island and you'll see it..ta da!

  7. Sophie, you are a lucky dog! What a lovely day.

  8. Sophie
    I get so excited when I see you running on your beach shores.
    I love that you show us all the wonders and good times of your world.
    And yes sometimes it is important to eat

  9. Great photos but I just love the one on your looks like a painting. How did you do it ?

  10. Bad Penny....the ultra modern look of the picture on the sidebar was made through a photo editing program called niece turned me onto it recently and I've been using it a lot. It's free with certain restriction which do cost if you are interested in joining that part of the offer. I just stuck with the free offerings.

  11. coo thanks Sophie ...I'll give it a try - maybe get some great pics of Dillon or the funky chickens !
    Lovely photo of Frankie going up on the Blog tonight - OK she's a cat but she is beautiful !

  12. Sophie - I love Icelandic poppies too - we had them in the garden where I grew up - so delicate. I hope my Californian poppies take this time ...I've never been successful with seeds ( from a neighbour's garden ) so bought plants this year

  13. Hi Sophie!

    Sorry for visiting late...thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the photos of you playing at the beach...too cool! The Chickenburger place sounds pawsome too...did you manage to sneak a bite off your human's burgers? Heh!


  14. hey Sophie! we sure would love to play ball on your beach with you. that's our favorite!!! that was a beautiful drive that you went on too. we love that scenery. aren't car rides great!


  15. Beautiful beach and road trip!!! Would love to take a paddle on those waterways :)
    I love the orange ball as well! Better for the snagglers, right my friend!?

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose


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