Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Early morning jaunt!

Hi Everyone....we got up at 6:30am and stumbled down to the beach...it truly was a  beautiful, bright, and warmish breeze filled am. with only a couple people in sight. We took the grassy trail and headed for the further beach because it is dog friendly. With it being that early, it didn't really matter. I can't tell you how refreshing and rejuvenating this walk always is. The positive ions are everywhere and it just makes you feel like a new dog.

Daddy Ron had this Jesus thing come over him for a second...check out the sand....ooo!

As you can see the shadows were intensely long and because we are not used to seeing them from this angle we snapped a lot of pics.

Daddy Jim kept me active with the Chuckit ball...I love this thing...the ball has to be the rubber version and NOT the tennis ball fuzzy one. The rubber ball makes the best  sounds of squeaking and squishing...I even puncture them so I can fill the ball with saliva....yummmy!

While MY Daddies spooned I took off and....look what I found...

They were just there on the sand...abso'toot'ly beautiful, if I say so myself.

I ran back to hurry up the guys...gees....and we headed back home for breaky!!!!

 I stole one last gaze at the beach and water... realizing the wind had picked up and whitecaps were forming...the surfers would out in full force today.

As we neared the car parking area we had to walk over a small bridge and I looked to my right and saw this bird soaring over the water....

Please enjoy your day as much as I am...!!!!!!!!!!!